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My joy is the freshness that appears in the exploration of the moment.

To see, as if you have never seen before... Just now!
To hear, as if you have never heard before... Just now!
To smell a rose, as if you have never smelt before... Just now!Meike box1
To taste the nectar of existence, as if you have never tasted before... Just now!
To feel the Beloved, as if you have never felt her before... Just now!

What excites me is living This with everything I AM.

All that matters to me actually, is how we are with each other, how we are
with everything, in this moment.

My journey brought me to recognize the embodied knowing of All.

And my passion is This invitation.

With whom ever is interested I love sharing This.

And its expression is forever changing



Interview with Meike 11.13.2013


Meetings with Meike

Fremantle October 2nd - October 8th Earth Medicine Centre 24 Oldridge Street, Hamilton Hill, 6163 Western Australia Contact Susan: 0433 364 654 FLYER
Denmark, WA October 9th - October 15th Rainbow House Denmark WA 58 Minsterly Rd, Ocean Beach 6333 Contact Irene: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0408 547 363 FLYER