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An invitation to recognise the Truth of your self, who you are and have always been. As you are already This there is no need for any effort or "getting there", just the simple recognition of That in which everything appears.
The only moment you can know This is now.
To know This is wisdom, peace, and freedom.
We all seem to have automatic, unconscious patterns that play and cause difficulty for ourselves and those around us, especially those that are closest to us.
To live like this is an expression of unconditional love in which there is a savouring of this moment`s experience as the beloved. This invitation is facilitated through gentle, direct enquiry.




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I love this topic of how to respond to the knowing that what is going on in the world, is unsustainable and could result in many species, including our own going extinct.
In the light of deep enquiry, it is clear that there is no one doing anything. As John Lennon wrote so poetically, “Life is what happens whilst we are busy making other plans.” We can check this for ourselves by asking if our lives are how we exactly planned them. I know in nature, if there is a real threat to our survival, our system will respond by going into fight, flight, freeze or collapse.
We have no choice which of these appear automatically, which of course will affect the expression that happens. What often happens then is a judgement of how the system responds, which only adds another layer of confusion. We can enquire honestly as to how the system is responding to this threat and gently notice what is happening in the body. Most often, what I see is overwhelm and denial with a bunch of spiritual platitudes to compensate. At least then, our response becomes conscious and has a chance at integrating.
Recognizing that the entire universe, time, space, matter and energy are all an experience appearing in awareness, and that awareness is our true nature is the beginning. Resting as awareness gives the possibility of noticing the automatic unconscious habits, that are identification and cause the sense of “I”, separation and suffering. These unconscious habits produce the false sense of doer ship, where as in truth Totality is all there is and expresses as everything.
Enquiring into these habits, which is a natural function of maturing, by either being present to the sensations that drive them or noticing how they function without any agenda, allows them to become conscious, without them getting attention by wanting to change, fix and get rid of them, which is what gives them their power. In my view, what we see happening in the world, which is threatening the survival of our species, is the manifestation of these unconscious habits. These habits cannot manifest consciously.
Try to suffer consciously. I love when these unconscious habits reveal themselves, including how they show up as what is happening in the world.
Becoming conscious of these habits, which are not personal, but feel really personal, influences the field. Our attention is all we have to give. Where and how our attention focuses produces both the sense of ourselves and also the sense of the universe we live in.
The habit of attention, being a habit is hard to notice as we are so used to look through it. The habit of attention in a family is enough to manifest as sickness, suicide, a sense of being unworthy, not belonging etc, so vital to our well being. The unconscious dualistic habit of attention of most expressions of totality, commonly called people, is painful, so we have the sense of causing trouble for ourselves and everyone, including the people that are closest to us. What we love, is to be in life in a way that is beautiful to us and nourishes and is of value to those around us.
How totality expresses as humans, will depend on many factors and will express so differently. This said, how expression happens will be through all the filters of conditioning from our ancestors and society. As the automatic unconscious habits, become conscious and integrate, an expression that is appropriate to our talents will emerge. That might be anything from playing music, actively non violently protesting, to direct action.
</>Love will show the way.

Isaac on Facebook 03.05.2015

Such a paradox this life.

The heartbreak of how we live as humans. Political corruption, the banking system based on greed and inequality, Monsanto, corporations, the war machine, the petro chemical industry and the majority who are asleep and not aware of being asleep.

Then there are all the inspired, ordinary warriors, who with heart and clarity are available to life to say NO to whats happening, staying connected with compassion and to act in ways of beauty, love and overflow that also break my heart and bring tears of joy and gratefulness.

This manifestation in the Great mystery, on a tiny speck swirling through the universe, all appearing in awareness.

Brings me to my knees.

Isaac on Facebook 31.12.2014

If our parents or caregivers had a dualistic focus, they would have relied on their senses to be able to take care of our needs, without having the capacity to know and feel our needs from within. To an infant whose only signal was to cry, when our signals were not met, this would have felt existential and traumatic.

What I notice is this leaves a residue of a felt sense that all is not well and a need to defend from everybody especially those that are most meaningful to us. In intimate relating, after the honeymoon period, this often manifests as pain with many compensations to deal with the felt sense of not being met. This often goes unrecognised or if felt gets projected as there being something wrong with ourselves or intimate partners, family, friends and in fact everybody. Often we are so used to this that there doesn't seem like another possibility and an automatic bracing happens so we can endure living.

There is a deep yearning at the body level, to be felt and seen, to connect and at the same time defending, so our signals are mixed and confusing.

In moments of resting as awareness, this relaxes but to embody unconditional love moment by moment is rare, as the field we inhabit reinforces this sense of not being seen and felt.

How does this show up in society? Does this mechanism show up as the political/banking system we have?

I will post again soon on what I find helpful in bringing this to peace. I know that for those expressions of totality that see through the filter that there is no one here and nothing to do, these words may be confronting or confusing. If there is any touch then this presents a beautiful opportunity.

Isaac on Facebook 04.01.2015

These expressions of totality called humans are designed to be social. Our nervous systems get the info from our caregivers about life. Any undigested experience gets passed on way before there is any capacity to discriminate, so we find ourselves with automatic habits and filters that function in a way that produces identification or to say it in another way a sense of I.

These automatic habits which no one does produce a sense of I. When life is lived through this feeling sense of I, it seems as if the I is the doer, chooser etc, is responsible for actions and that the sense of separation is real.

The habit of attention from this perspective generates a field of attention that we are quite used to, which is quite painful as it projects us, everybody and everything as objects that don't quite measure up.

These habits can only function unconsciously. No one decides to suffer conciously.

1st step is the recognition that these movements or habits are happening by themself and that there is awareness of them, including the sense of "I", which upon examination reveals itself to be movements, as the moment we enter deep sleep or stillness, the sense of I disappears.

Isaac on Facebook 06.01.2015

Awareness. which is our true nature, has no wants and need. 
The expression called the body does. The movement of these wants and needs is experienced as "I" so usually there is identification with the wants and needs.

If in the womb or after birth, our nervous system never received the info that all is well, that "we" were welcomed, seen and felt, then a residue of wants and needs based on a sensation of all is not well, remains.

Our thinking tries to help and comes up with what looks like will make us happy. This keeps our attention on getting, which as long as that movement remains automatic and unconscious, keeps our attention busy, without the capacity to enjoy this moment as the beloved.

The habit of attention of most people is wanting and needing, so our systems never get the info they yearn for. If we are lucky enough to come into a field of attention where we are received completely, sometimes called transmission, our systems may temporarily relax and the recognition that there is another possibility that is indescribably beautiful, arises.

A yearning to live like this, is a fire that burns everything and enquiry is born.

Isaac on Facebook 08.01.2015

What is enquiry?

There is the enquiry advocated by Sri Ramana Maharishi. 
No matter what arises, ask who is aware of that and remain as that which is aware.

There is the enquiry of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. 
See how you function, watch the motives and results of your actions. Study the prison you have built around yourself, by inadvertence.
We discover it by being earnest, by searching, enquiring, questioning daily and hourly, by giving one's life to this discovery.

Byron Katie . The 4 questions and turn around. Is it true? 
Can you absolutely know that it's true? (Yes or no.)
How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought? 
Who would you be without the thought?

Somatic Enquiry. Noticing the sensations and the automatic responses to the sensations and how that all functions.

I love them all.

Isaac on Facebook 09.01.2015

Somatic Enquiry.

In the recognition that this universe is an experience to us and that the nervous system automatically and unconsciously responds to the experience, and that both the feeling sense of "I" and the felt sense of the universe we live in depends on these responses, it makes sense to me to include and gently notice these responses.

Isaac on Facebook 15.01.2015

The sensations of now are all we have. The nature of experience is constant change.

Is it possible to receive the sensations of this moment as the beloved?

Is that dependent on the sensations?

What is required to received the sensations as the beloved?

Isaac on Facebook 16.01.2015